2008 Nov 08

URL Comment Packet Sniffer free toolsWhoIsConnected, ... Stealth Info (and very useful tests!) GTbot, an irc bot Symantec security news, tools and discussion russiantopz, an irc bot
http://www.washington.edut/People/dad/ Security Engineer Dave Dittrich's site Great utils and info slammer worm buffer overflow vulenerability Allows users to access their PCs from any computer connected to the internet On line payments service Carnegie Melon Security Advisory US Computer Emergency Response Team Security Web Log by Richard Bejtlich Security Articles Computer and Network Attack Info Christine Siedsma's e-evidence Info site Alexander Geschonneck's forensic site Computer Forensics General security site How to prevent crackers from getting at your SW Main microsoft site contains knowledge base for problems and solutions Symantec Visus Killer Downloads Symantec Security Response Center! Malware Info Malware Info Malware Info Malware Info Malware Info Security white papers linux bootdisk that allows windows passwords to be modified Dictionaries Computer Education: Articles, Presentations and Tutorials Apple/Mac File Exchange: ISO 9660 Scrap files can look like other types Trojans hidden as supressed file ext: Beware! Internet Measurement and Analysis
? mirc32.exe, ???
? hidewnndw.exe, hides an application's window on desktop

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