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2009 Mar 01

site purpose
This site is the home of Linux kernel development. You’ll find the latest kernel release and related information. Note that the FTP site is mirrored throughout the world, so you’ll most likely find a mirror near you. The Linux Documentation Project carries a lot of interesting documents called “HOWTOs”; some of them are pretty technical and cover kernel-related topics. Linux news, info, selection, service, prices. The “Gearheads only” section from Linux Magazine often runs kernel-oriented articles from well-known developers. This page contains many kernel-oriented magazine articles written by Alessandro. At the risk of seeming self-serving, we’ll point out this news site (edited byone of your authors) which, among other things, offers regular kernel development coverage. Kernel Traffic is a popular site that provides weekly summaries of discussions on the Linux kernel development mailing list.˜rgooch/linux/docs/kernel-newsflash.html The Kernel Newsflash site is a clearinghouse for late-breaking kernel news. In particular, it concentrates on problems and incompatibilities in current kernel releases; thus, it can be a good resource for people trying to figure out why the latest development kernel broke their drivers. Kernel Notes is a classic site with information on kernel releases, unofficial patches, and more. This site is oriented toward new kernel developers. There is beginning information, an FAQ, and an associated IRC channel for those looking for immediate assistance. The Linux Kernel Source Reference is a web interface to a CVS archive containing an incredible array of historical kernel releases. It can be especially useful for finding out just when a particular change occurred. This page is oriented toward Linux memory management development. It contains a fair amount of useful information and an exhaustive list of kernel- oriented web links. This Italian site is one of the places where a Linux enthusiast keeps updated information about all the ongoing projects involving Linux. Maybe you already know an interesting site with HTTP links about Linux development; if not, this one is a good starting point. Linux Online is a community supported web site. Linux hardware and stuff for sale. Linux Gazette Linux Journal Dedicated to the use of the Linux operating system at home. Software Archive (linux section). Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games!INDEX.html Linux Games Linux Games Linux Games Linux Game FAQ Industry consortium dedicated to creating the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices Embedded Linux micro controller project