Utilities and Modules

2009 Mar 03

BIOS Cookies Devices
DDLs and EXEs Files Hardware Miscellaneous Modules
Network Processes Registry Services Startup Users Web Pages


Name Path Decription Source
bit.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\BIOS\Bit Reports BIOS Version and any add-ons
cmospwd.exe (DOS)
F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\BIOS\CmosPwd\cmospwd-4.5 CMSO BIOS password recovery cmospwd.c


Name Path Decription Source
CookieSpy.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\CookieSpy3\CT Cookie Spy" Shows information about cookies

Devices and Drivers

Name Path Decription Source
dgt.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\DriverGuide Driver Guide (finds new ones on net)
NetClickLE.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\NetClickLE v2.1" Shows information about devices/drivers and ...
ServiceView.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\ServiceView v1.3" View and change info and status on:
Device Drivers and Services


Name Path Decription Source
depends.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Diagnostics\Depends Shows tree of
DLL dependends for an EXE or DLL file,
and errors
dllInfc.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\DLLs\Informant\ Gathers information about all DLLs
dllInfs.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\DLLs\Informant\ Displays information about all DLLs
(gathered by dllInfc)

Name Path Decription Source NetClickLE.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\NetClickLE v2.1" Shows information about files and ...


Name Path Decription Source
CSFireMon.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\PC_ChipInfo\CS Fire Monitor" Monitors many activities of system
fdiag.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Diagnostics\FreshDiagnose Shows information about
hardware and software of PC
HWiNFO32.EXE F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\PC_ChipInfo\HWiNFO32 Shows info about hardware
mbm5.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Diagnostics\Motherboard Monitor 5" Monitors Mother board
(voltage, temp, fans, etc.)
mvPcInfo.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\PC_ChipInfo\MVPCInfo Much info about system (HW and SW)
PTProfiler.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\PC_ChipInfo\PC_Profiler Much info about system


Name Path Decription Source
dosdrop.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Drop2DOS Permanently modifies all right click menus
on directories to add a Drop to DOS
command which pops up DOS window.
gds2 F:\source\gds2 Read a gds2 file and output info
about it to stdout
gds2.c, ...
hex F:\source\hex hex dump a file to stdout hex.c
grid F:\source\grid Unfinished game. grid.c
lt F:\source\lt;./lt list directory as an indented tree lt.c
merlin F:\source\merlin Encryption program merlin.c
MSWinErr.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Diagnostics\WinErr Explains MS Win Error Codes given value
prtenv.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\
Write list of environment variables to stdout prtenv.c
rgrep F:\source\rgrep Recursive grep (into sub-directories)
{based on lt.c}
ww.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\WeatherWatcher5.6 Weather monitor for
specified zip codes


Name path Decription
pmenus.c/h ??? Portable text based menus


Name Path Decription Source
Analyzer.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\WinPcap Configurable network analyzer program
for Win32 environment
d3tr.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\WinPcap Powerful network tools
ethereal.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\Ethereal Packet sniffer & analyzer (from 3COM) (src avail)
"Get IP.exe" "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\Get IP" Shows your hostname and all your
local IP addresses.
ip2country.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\IP2Country Finds what country an IP is from
LookAtLan.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\Look@LAN Looks at structure of LAN, active ports and
does deep valuable look at PC system HW & SW!
mTrace.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Magic NetTrace" Traces internet IP path to a site
netscanpro.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\NETSCAN PRO 3.3" Shows graphical and writes log file of
TCP/IP and UDP connections
tcpspy.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\TCP Spy" Logs all activity using TCP/IP packets
tcpviewr.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NetScan\TCP Viewer" Acts as a gateway on all ports


Name Path Decription Source
EFPrcMan.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Diagnostics\EFPrcMan Full featured process manager
NetClickLE.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\NetClickLE v2.1" Shows/kills processes and ...


Name Path Decription Source
art.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Registry\Advanced Registry Tracer" Registry info (makes auto backup)
EasyClean.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Registry\EasyCleaner For deleting unused registry items or files
OleClean.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Registry\OLE_Clean Finds and fixes OLE related registry problems
RegClean.exe F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\Registry\RegCleanMS Microsoft's registry analyzer/fixer


Name Path Decription Source
efsum F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\EFStartUpMngr Shows which program run
when machine starts (login)
findCD D:\Prem\HTML\FindCD Find which drive is CD, and invoke:
"iexplore.exe CD:\index.html"


Name Path Decription Source
NetClickLE.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\NetClickLE v2.1" Shows information about services and ...
ServiceView.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\ServiceView v1.3" View and change info and status on:
Device Drivers and Services


Name Path Decription Source
AccountView.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\AccountView v1.3" Shows/modifies information about users and ...
NetClickLE.exe "F:\Security&Forensics\Utils\NCS_Z_Tools\NetClickLE v2.1" Shows information about users and ...

Web Page Generators

Name Path Decription Source
gendirhtml D:\Prem\HTML\gendirhtml
Generate web page for textures,
with an html file for each texture
showing tiled texture with
representative colored text
on it.
genlineshtml D:\Prem\HTML\genlineshtml
Generate web page for lines,
with a table of two columns,
line file name, and line pix.
genthumb D:\Prem\HTML\genthumb
Generate web pages with
thumb nails of pix in directory.
genviewhtml D:\Prem\HTML\genviewhtml
Generate web page with table of
row_size of pix file name and pix.

Tools External Links

Site Tools
http://www.ntsecurity.nu gplist.exe, klogger.exe, macmatch.exe, ...
http://www.diamondcs.com.au anti-Trojan and anti-worm tools + freeware: openports.exe, cmdline.exe, ...
http://www.foundstone.com rifiuti.exe, BinText, fport.exe, ...
http://www.sysinternals.com PSTools (pslist.exe, psloggedon.exe, psloglist.exe, ...), listdlls.exe, handle.exe, ...
http://www.tucofs.com/tucofs/tucofs.asp?mode=mainmenu The Ultimate Collection Of Forensics Software
http://www.insecure.org Miscellaneous tools
http://www.exetools.com nmap scanner, ...
http://users.erols.com/gmgarner/forensics George M. Garner Jr's Forensic Acquisition Utlities
http://www.rootkit.com Rootkits: NTRootkit, Vanquish, HackerDefender, klister, patchfinder
http://www.heysoft.de lads.exe, ...