Purpose of This Web Site

Last updated: 2010 Aug 21

Research, learning and creativity embodied in various forms as works of art or as a computer program or any other form is an on going process; and as such, the dynamic nature of the world wide web is an excellent way to express this creative flow. The internet enables communications and collaboration that is necessary to the speed of consciousness and the inherent unity of humanity. In this way a book, for example, can be an evolving expression, changing as the author, or authors, progress.

One of the consequences of this unbounded creative discovery and exploration is that specific page numbers have a meaning only at a point in time, if at all. When a web page is printed the person printing that page may have chosen a different font, font size and margins for printing. In any case prior and subsequent to that point in time the page numbers are, or may be different. The content can have additions, changes and corrections. A URL is a more meaningful way to keep track of a location in web content and its relationship as it changes in time. The risk is this that sometimes a URL can refer to something no longer existing or manifest on the web, unless someone or some non individual entity is willing to keep a historical sequence of that content.

There are evolving ways to express research, discovery and learning in words, forms, colors, textures, pictures, sound, mathematics, algorithms, computer programs, music, and art forms which may have not existed on earth before. This is an advantage rather than a disadvantage because it allows for a more and more intuitive and non-linear expression of that creativity.

This web site contains expressions of research, discovery and learning I have beeen pursuing for most of my life. For example, as someone who professionally became an engineer I have been studying and enjoying mathematics since I was a child. I am still, and will always be a grateful child before the Source of infinite creative possibility. In 1992 this interest in mathematics was focused on prime numbers and factoring and led to a series of discoveries (that if printed would now exceed 1000 pages) which fills me with joy and has been expressed as an evolving book and computer programs that demonstrate the validity of this research.

Other reseach into music scales from a mathematical viewpoint led to a discovery which is, in all likelihood, a rediscovery known to musicians in India (and perhaps other cultures) many hundreds of years ago.

Another purpose of this web site is so that I do not have to carry these files (or notes) around with me in places where there is web access.